Ourserie rhymes with ecology !

The Ourserie is located in the very environmentally protected area of ​​Evian water,
allowing us to be supplied with pure spring water, not treated, dont
mineralization is very close to Evian water.
For us, Ecology must live daily with concrete actions :

  • Our solar panels heat water for the health needs
  • We restrict our movements consuming priority of local products
  • Our fruit orchard and vegetable garden are not treated
  • our chickens, high release, eat peelings, les restes alimentaires et pondent des oeufs que nous utilisons en cuisine
  • Our bees produce honey luscious mountain while participating in the pollination
  • We make our teas and liqueurs through our herb garden and picking reasoned
  • Our insect hotel hosts many guests that are useful for the environment
  • We produce compost for our garden and our planters
  • We grind our green waste for mulch to minimize watering plants
  • We cut our own firewood maintaining the trees in our park
  • Our mower ax cut grass to make a natural fertilizer, etc...